Denver, Colorado

We spent the entire day one mile above sea level, exploring the city of Denver via foot and public transit. It was so easy to get around the city with the RTD Regional/Airport Day Pass.

I just downloaded the RTD Tickets app on my phone, purchased the passes for $10 each, and we then had unlimited use of all buses, trains and rails to go wherever we wanted. We parked well outside of the city and took the rail in.

It was a good day.

On our way to visit the Denver Museum of Nature and Science we unknowingly happened upon the first ever Quiznos location. It was very very busy but we were very very hungry. Haha. We did “technically” have a table to ourselves, but we were essentially sitting right next to everyone around us. Same as any fast food restaurant we’ve ever been to in the thick of a major city.


We also stopped by the Colorado State Capitol building for a quick photo op on the famous steps. The address is 200 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80203 and the steps are on the west side of the building.

I’d never been this high before…

The museum was huge and it took us hours to make our way through the entire thing. My favorite exhibit allowed you to experiment with some advanced medical tech, including a vein finder that lets you see the veins under your skin. Pretty sick. Tickets were less than $20 each.

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