Fort Collins, Colorado

It was now the beginning of October and we knew it was about to get cold FAST up in the Dakotas. So we decided to head south to our next stop… another KOA resort in Fort Collins, CO. (Yep, resorting was already becoming a habit 😬)

The new spot was still paved with a decent patio/grill, but it wasn’t quite as updated as the previous one. What it lacked in refinement though, it made up for in scenery. The leaves were beginning to change across the entire park and we could also glimpse the Rocky Mountains in the distance. I also really enjoyed my daily jog on the nature trail that circled a stocked fishing lake.

But did we successfully outrun the cold? Not really. We hit lows of 12 that week and even had our first snow in the rig! It handled it like a champ though. Between our electric fireplace, electric heat pump, propane furnace and heated couches, keeping warm was no problem! It was actually very cozy. Probably the coziest we’ve ever been 😊

From a mechanical standpoint, our furnace ducts automatically route some of the heat into the belly of the rig which keeps all of the water lines nice and toasty so they don’t freeze. We also have electric heaters installed on the fresh and waste water tanks to keep them from freezing. So the only thing I had to do to prepare for freezing temps was partially fill the fresh water tank and then disconnect and drain the exterior water hose… and we were good to go!

And even though it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere while we were at the campground, it was only a 15 minute drive to downtown Fort Collins. It was nice to ride out whenever we wanted and enjoy the conveniences of a buzzing city. One of which was Raising Cane’s Chicken… went there a few more times than I’d like to admit 🤤

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