Alamo Drafthouse Denver

Enjoyed a date night dinner with AK at this quirk of a theater in Denver, CO!

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema ended up being the best theater I’ve ever been to in my life. Why? Well, there are two unique things about this theater that made us want to try it out. The first is their ironclad policy on disruptions and children. No youngins and no noise allowed. If you bother anyone, you’ll be ejected with no refunds.

Miniature model of the theater seating…

The second is the fact that they serve REAL food to your table during the movie. We’re talking full-sized entrees baby. True dinner and a movie.

This was one of the few theaters showing the limited screening…

This was also one of the few theaters showing the limited screening of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. We are diehard Breaking Bad fans and when we heard the Netflix movie was going to be release on the big screen, we had to take advantage.

Burgers, pizza, fries and bottomless drinks – delivered right to our seats!

They had an awesome custom preshow that was catered to what we were about to watch. For 30 minutes before the movie, they showed old PSA commercials about drugs. Like from the 70s and 80s. It was all real stuff but hilarious because it was so lame. And they were showing El Camino car commercials from back then too. And right before the movie came on, they played a brief history of Aaron Paul. All of the stuff he’d done before breaking bad. And some Cranston too.

And then, after all that was done, a video came on saying that if anyone looks at their phone, talks, etc. they WILL BE EJECTED from the theater with no refund. If someone is bothering you, simply write their seat number on this paper you have at your table and stand it up in the holder there and a manager will take care of it.

Awesome “Breaking Bad” drink specials…

The food was excellent. Everything was delivered in silence and the wait staff dunk down and crawl everywhere so they never block your view. No one has to speak. If you need a refill or more food or whatever, you just write it on a slip of paper and put it up in the slot on the table.

I thought the concept might be gimmicky or annoying but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’d highly recommend giving Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas a try if you have the chance! Although I’d never heard of them before it turns out they have many locations across the US.

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