Black Hills of South Dakota

We found more buffalo! A lot more. And some past presidents.

During our stay in Rapid City we took a day trip down to Keystone, SD to check out the faces on our new license plates.

Mount Rushmore was… decent. There’s not much to say. It wasn’t breathtaking or majestic like I imagined it might be. Much smaller than you’d think. And there wasn’t much else to see at the facility other than the sculpted rock ledge. But you can’t travel America and NOT see Mount Rushmore, right?

Check that one off the bucket list ✌️

We then grabbed a bite to eat and headed deeper into the Black Hills to take a ride down the Wildlife Loop Byway, straight through Custer State Park. It was definitely the highlight of the day! We saw hundreds of wild buffalo roaming the hills and even got stopped by some sort of donkey cartel that just stood in the road flexin’ on us with no remorse.

It’s like they were thinking, “I wish these homo sapians WOULD try to pass us…” It was very passive aggressive. But after about 5 minutes of just staring eye to eye with them in silence, I decided to inch forward at about 1 mph. My bumper was literally an inch away from that ass when the “head donkey” took one of the slowest steps forward I’ve ever seen in my life. I guess so I could pass by without touching him.

Jesus. I shivered under the weight of his disrespect. Those were some cold, soulless donkeys. And no, I don’t have footage of the incident for the same reason most people don’t have footage of when they almost get mugged. We were just trying to survive.

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