Rapid City, South Dakota

We continued west through South Dakota and landed in our next spot for the week, a beautiful KOA campground in Rapid City. It was our first RV “resort” stay and even though it was a lot more expensive than a traditional RV “park”, I think it was worth it!

We had a perfectly level paved spot, a concrete patio with table and chairs and a charcoal grill. There was lush green grass on both sides of our site and we even had a little flower bed that would softly whisper lullabies at night 🤗

So, with a setup like that, you already KNOW I had to make my famous “thicc biches” on the grill 🍔🍔💯🙌

Oh, and we also had one tire go low on air after sitting there for the week. Not 100% sure why. I always check the tire pressures before we hit the road and I also have a TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) installed on all six tires of the rig, so I’m able to see the pressure and temperature in real time while we’re driving.

Over the week we dropped from 110psi down to 80. I’m thinking maybe one of the sensors on the valve stem loosened ever so slightly on our last trip and was causing a very slow leak. I snugged all of them up just to be sure and filled the tire just before we left. Haven’t noticed an issue since but we’ll see 🤷‍♂️

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