Our First Collision

We caught this footage with our front and interior dash cam. We have one in each vehicle. Not only does it record the interior and exterior of the vehicle during driving, but it also detects and records any motion inside and out while parked, providing an additional layer of security monitoring. Check it out on Amazon HERE.

This happened on our way from Rapid City, SD to Fort Collins, CO as we were heading west on U.S. Route 18 in Wyoming.

RIP (but only maybe…)

We pulled over to check everything out and never saw the bird. So who knows? Maybe it flew away with nothing but a minor headache.

It didn’t hurt the truck’s paint or window as far as we can tell. It just grazed the hood… but it did slam that windshield pretty hard. 😅

First (minor) collision with the rig is now officially in the books!

Stay safe out there!

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