Sagecreek Rim Road

Part three of our time exploring Wall, SD was spent cruising along Sagecreek Rim Road, a long dirt path winding through the northwest section of Badlands National Park.

I wanted to actually see some wild buffalo before leaving and after speaking with the park rangers, this seemed like the most likely spot to run across some.

The road was pretty rough at times, shaking us until we couldn’t help but glance at one another in amusement, but I imagine that’s partly due to the super beefy suspension on the 450. There were plenty of regular cars on the road that looked to be unfazed by the dirt-bulence.

Within minutes we noticed some cars piled up close to one another on the side of the road. We both rubbernecked for a moment, unsure of what they were all doing over there. But after a few moments of seeing absolutely nothing, the image of a huge buffalo suddenly popped out against the horizon. It was in plain sight the entire time but I guess it just looked like another rock. Until it moved. Nice camo nature.

You have to check out my Instagram stories @aroundthesunwego to see all of the wildlife we encountered. Bison, antelope, and we even visited a spot called Roberts Prairie Dog Town where we saw hundreds of wild prairie dogs looking around and yellin’ 😂

No lie. Again, it was a sick spot breh… Nature was wil’n 💯, church.

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