Kimmel Orchard & Vineyard

Day 4 was upon us and it was a windy one! From what I’d gathered during my research of all things RVing, winds can take a huge toll on driving comfort and safety so we were both a little anxious. Surprisingly though, there were no issues driving the rig in the wind. Super Heavy, aka our F-450, is a big beefy boi. So I barely noticed the wind at all.

After successfully wind-surfing our way 200 miles northwest, we arrived in Nebraska City, Nebraska at Kimmel Orchards, our very first “tight fit”. Now don’t get me wrong. After we got the rig turned around, there was plenty of room to park and extend our slides. But turning around was the kicker 😉 We’ve got one of the longer rigs (at about 60ft long including the truck) so we need a decent amount of space if we want to perform a 180. And that space just wasn’t available.

Usually there is a long gravel loop you can use to avoid having to perform a “turn around” but there just so happened to be an event planned that very next morning, therefore the gravel path had been roped off before we arrived 😅

So, with a pair of walkie-talkies and a couple of 2×8 scraps of wood (to prevent the nose of the rig from being crushed into side of the truck bed by some uneven ground) we successfully performed our first 180 – in tight quarters – on unlevel land! Talk about adrenaline! But we both thoroughly enjoyed it. Working together to quickly make what seems like an impossibility a reality? That’s what we thrive on 😉

View from the couch.

The rest of the evening included Apple Cinnamon Donuts, Cherry Wine, a gusty drone flight and a peaceful slumber as we fell asleep to the sound of our slide toppers violently slapping against the roof. And I swear I’m not being sarcastic 😂 We both truly enjoyed every minute of the experience.

Thank you Kimmel Orchard & Vineyard for the tasty snacks, drinks and a beautiful parking spot 🙏 and hats off again to Harvest Hosts for making it possible.

What’s Havest Hosts? It’s an awesome paid membership program that enables RVers to stay overnight on various “host” properties for FREE! Wineries, breweries, farms, museums, golf courses, etc. They all welcome us with open arms and a spot to park our rig for the night! This is the first membership we bought before moving into our rig full time and it literally paid for itself within the first week! Use our referral link HERE and you’ll get 15% OFF your membership PLUS you’ll help support ATSWG by earning us a sweet commission!

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