Dakota Sunsets RV Park & Campground

We made it! Evening 5 through 14 was spent in our new “home state” of South Dakota! And we were finally at an actual RV Park so we had FULL HOOKUPS! Unlimited water. Unlimited power. And unlimited room to dump the ghouls and goblins (and shower water) that had collected in our waste tanks over the past 5 days 😬

We needed to get our SD drivers licenses at the agency in Sioux Falls so we wanted to stay as close to the city as possible. We ended up at Dakota Sunsets RV Park in Salem, SD, 40 miles west of Sioux Falls. Believe it or not, that was the closest park to the city that:

1. Had availability for our arrival date and

2. Could accommodate our larger rig.

We were led to our spot by a gentleman on a golf cart who carefully escorted us around a few low hanging trees and a couple of tight turns. As we pulled onto our shaded pad, he buzzed away with a head nod and a smile. Now to level and hook up as we enjoy the beautiful views of this awesome park! But that ambience didn’t last very long.

Within minutes we were swarmed by hundreds of blood-thirsty mosquitos. It was a Walking-Dead-level attack. They were relentless! The worst mosquito assault I’ve ever experienced in my life. We finished setting up as fast as a couple of newbs could, sprinted inside and slammed the door…

Our view from the dining room table!

Needless to say, we didn’t venture outside more than we needed to during this stay. Which was perfectly fine with us because we were exhausted from the 5 day road-trip. Plus, we had a good bit of work to get caught up on and a list of administrative tasks to finalize, including copping that SD ID. So we spent the next 9 days relaxing, recharging and planning what was to come next…

Oh! And we actually did get our license! So we’re officially South Dakotians… or is it Dakotans? Either way, mission accomplished 😎

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