Our Maiden Voyage

“So where y’all headed first?”

South Dakota.

“What? Why?”

I know. It may seem random. But one of the biggest advantages of being a full time RVer is that you can choose any state to be your “home state” or “domicile”. Since you’re on the road all of the time, you don’t have a physical address. But you need one for things like vehicles registrations, health insurance, banking, etc. We chose South Dakota because all things considered, it was the best fit for us.

We took care of a lot of administrative tasks remotely before even taking delivery of our rig, but we still needed our South Dakota drivers licenses. And for those, you have to be there in person.

Needless to say, it was quite a task lining up:

1. The delivery of a custom ordered RV, exactly spec’d truck and a rarely spec’d car,

2. A lease-end inspection and move-out date for our home

3. Completion of all the modifications I wanted to complete to make the rig full-time ready and

4. Insurance, registrations and other red tape items…

Throw in some unforeseen delays (manufacturing plant issues, dealerships dropping the ball on paperwork, me ordering some wrong parts 🙃, etc) and suddenly, we’re now in a hurry!

So as we pulled out of our NC driveway for the last time, we set our sights on South Dakota and took off!

1,700 miles | 6 states | 5 days 🚀

Shout out to Harvest Hosts and the below hosts for making this 5 day trip absolutely awesome!

Delmonaco Winery
Bretz Wildlife Lodge & Winery
Arcadian Moon Winery & Brewery
Kimmel Orchard & Vineyard

What’s Havest Hosts? It’s an awesome paid membership program that enables RVers to stay overnight on various “host” properties for FREE! Wineries, breweries, farms, museums, golf courses, etc. They all welcome us with open arms and a spot to park our rig for the night! This is the first membership we bought before moving into our rig full time and it literally paid for itself within the first week! Use our referral link HERE and you’ll get 15% OFF your membership PLUS you’ll help support ATSWG by earning us a sweet commission!

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