Delmonaco Winery

Our first night in the RV was ALSO our first night boondocking AND our first experience using our Harvest Hosts membership!

What’s boondocking? It’s basically RVing with no water, sewer or electrical hookups. So if you want a working shower, toilets and faucets you need a full tank of fresh water and a working pump. You also need empty waste tanks so your shower, sinks and toilets have somewhere to drain. And if you want electricity (including cold A/C) you need a working generator and/or battery bank.

I’d tested all of our systems top to bottom when we picked up our rig from the dealership and then again after completing all of the modifications I’d done before leaving our house, but this was the first true test of all of our systems “in the wild”.

As members of Harvest Hosts, we spent our first night on a quiet gravel spot provided by the gracious hosts at Delmonaco Winery in Baxter, TN. It was fantastic! Although the temps were well into the 90’s we were perfectly cool and comfortable as they let us run our generator all night without issue.

What’s Havest Hosts? It’s an awesome membership program that enables RVers to stay overnight on various “host” properties for FREE! Wineries, breweries, farms, museums, golf courses, etc. They all welcome us with open arms and a spot to park our rig for the night! This is the first membership we bought before moving into our rig full time and it literally paid for itself within the first week! Use our referral link HERE and you’ll get 15% OFF your membership PLUS you’ll help support ATSWG by earning us a sweet commission!

Thanks for the awesome night Delmonaco Winery 🙏

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