Top 10 Features of our 2022 Ford F-450

These are the top 10 features of our 2022 Ford Super Duty F-450. Let’s jump right in…

10. All Weather Rubber Floor Mats

These babies catch all the dirt, sand and mud while protecting the carpet underneath. They also have a nibbed rubber backing that helps keep them in place.

9. Upfitter Switches

These allow me to easily add in aftermarket accessories (like our combo tank) without cutting into the truck’s electrical system and be able to conveniently control them all in one place.

8. Quad Beam LED Headlights

These are brighter, more efficient and have a higher durability rating than the standard halogen lights.

7. 10 Gear Transmission

This 10-speed automatic transmission not only gives us more torque in the lower gears, but has also increased our miles per gallon from 16 mpg in our 2019 model to 20 mpg on the highway. It also took our towing miles per gallon from 7.5 mpg to over 9 mpg, which might not sound like a lot, but on a full travel day, it saves us around $25 in diesel.

6. Electronic Brake Controller

It’s factory-installed and allows us to adjust the braking power of the trailer and is fully-integrated with anti-lock brakes and trailer sway control.

5. 4×4 Diesel Beast

This baby has the 6.7 power stroke V8 turbo diesel engine and in addition to the 4×4 setup, we added the FX4 Off-Road Package which includes tuned shocks, skid plates and controlled hill descent.

4. 8-Foot Bed + Spray-In Liner

This 8-foot bed offers plenty of room for our hitch, combo tank and more PLUS it allows the RV to make a full 90-degree turn without the nose hitting the cab. We protected it with a Line-X spray-in bedliner, which’ll prevent leaks, rust, corrosion and more.

3. Adaptive Cruise Control

This allows us to set the speed and distance we want to maintain between us and the vehicle in front of us – so when traffic slows down, we automatically slow down too. And YES – it works when towing. This makes travel days much more enjoyable.

2. 12” Display with Wireless CarPlay

This glass display is just as crisp as an iPhone screen and big enough to run two windows – so you can have Apple CarPlay pulled up and watch the bed camera at the same time.

1. 360 Camera

This ultimate 360-degree trailer tow camera gives us a bird’s-eye-view of the truck and makes parking and navigating tight spaces super easy.

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