The Perfect Truck Bed Cover for Fifth Wheel Towing

We lived full-time in our 43-foot RV for three years before I ever purchased this truck bed cover. I’d wanted one for years, but just never made it a priority. I had no experience with bed covers before and had to do a ton of research to figure out what I needed to look for in a bed cover and ultimately – which bed cover I should purchase.


1. Towing Our RV – We needed a bed cover that didn’t take up too much space or block our view while driving.

2. Trailer Clearance – I wanted the rails to be as low profile as possible so we would lose minimal clearance between the truck rails and the bottom of the fifth wheel.

3. Tool/Fuel Box – We needed to be able to open and close the combination tool/fuel box mounted in our truck bed.


After considering all of the above, doing hours of research and reading hundreds of reviews – I decided on this TruXedo Pro X15 Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover. We purchased it on Amazon and it fit our 2022 Ford F450 Super Duty perfectly!*

*Make sure to read all details to make sure it will fit your specific truck.


In short, yes. We’ve had this bed cover for about a year now and have no complaints. It does what it’s supposed to do.


It provides more storage. Our entire 8-foot truck bed now serves as additional covered storage space, which really comes in handy for full time RVers like us.

It protects everything underneath. Not only does it offer protection from the sun, but it also keeps everything dry during rainstorms or truck washes. This includes our fifth wheel hitch, the tool/fuel box and anything else we have stored under there.

It sits low enough. It’s super low-profile and doesn’t interfere with the clearance of our RV so we’re still able to tow safely with no issues.

It doesn’t block our view. Other truck bed covers can block part of the rear window when folded up, but not this one. You can’t see it at all when it’s rolled up.

It takes up very little space when rolled up. This allows us to open and close our combination tool/fuel box with ease.

It’s super easy to use. To open: just unlatch it, roll up and secure. To close: just roll it out and shut to latch.

We’ve been using this bed cover for about a year now and have no complaints. It has marginally improved our miles per gallon and is actually one of my favorite upgrades.

If you’d like to see a video of our bed cover in action, check out the post on Instagram or TikTok.

If you want to learn more about our truck in general, check out this article.

My name is Chris Dow, this is Around The Sun We Go, and remember… make every trip count.

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